2 Great Reasons to Choose Paintless Dent Removal Services

2 Great Reasons to Choose Paintless Dent Removal Services

If you have dents in your car that takes away from its overall curb appeal, you may want to have these dents removed as soon as possible. However, when the dents that you see do not come from an accident with another vehicle, you may be required to pay for these repair jobs out of your own pocket. Unfortunately, with this weakened economy, most people are dealing with less disposable income. So, it is important to look for alternatives in order to save money. One alternative, in particular, involves looking for options like paintless dent removal services. This type of dent removal repair services is a great alternative to the traditional auto body repair shops. To that end, here are two beneficial reasons why these repairs services have become popular over recent years.

Less Costly that Traditional Dent Removal Services 

As stated before, there are different alternatives to the traditional auto body repair shop today. Since technology has advanced in so many different industries within the last few decades, virtually every industry has been impacted in one way or another. Therefore, some of this advanced technology have changed the way dent repair removal jobs are being done. For instance, in the past, people would take their vehicle to an auto body shop for dents to be removed. Typically, these were brick and mortar facilities that housed several different vehicles at a time. 

Once in the auto body shop, the technician had to remove the body parts from the vehicle to fix any dents that were found. Based on the type of materials that the vehicle was composed of, some of the dents had to be hammered out and then the exterior of the vehicle had to be repainted to match the original paint job. So, the entire job would not only take a significant amount of time but also money in paying for the dent to be hammered out. Additionally, the owner of the vehicle would have to pay for the new paint and the labor for doing these jobs correctly. 

Fortunately, due to a number of different factors that have changed over the years, the traditional dent removal repairs are being replaced with a new alternative. This new alternative involves removing the dents out of the car completely without affecting the paint. So, dent removal jobs have become are a lot less expensive, especially for vehicle owners who are forced to pay these bills out of their own pockets.

2 Great Reasons to Choose Paintless Dent Removal Services


The paintless removal repair jobs are also more convenient for the vehicle owner in a number of different ways. For instance, when the repair job has to be performed they can request these jobs be done offsite instead of in the auto body repair shops. In fact, the owners can choose where they want the services to be performed. For in some cases, the owner may choose to have the dents removed on their job site, at their home or any other place that may be convenient for them at that time. 

Traditional auto body shops or a dent removal services without the paint, customers have a choice today. So, after the owner has completed their research, they may want to choose the latter alternative that saves time and money too.

Used Car Warranty Options

Warranty vs Service

No one likes to experience car problems because they can occur at anytime. Car Warranty10They are also costly when the repairs include engine problems, alternator problems, and the like. Before a vehicle owner has to make major repairs, however, there are some things that they can do to absorb this debt as well as make it less irritating. One of the most important is buying a used car warranty for older cars within specific year ranges. This is because most warranty companies have limitations on selling warranties on very old cars. A used car warranty can be ideal for many purposes and reasons. Two of the most notable includes saving money on repairs and having peace of mind in emergency situations. In either case, people will need to do their research in advance to see if the used car warranty that they are buying covers all of their needs. With this said, the used car warranty may cover bumper to bumper or power train parts.

Two Key Coverages Bumper to Bumper

When you buy a used car today, most dealers will provide the owner with an used car warranty. The warranty is normally limited so it will not always cover major repairs. So, it is important for the owner to make sure that they are reading the warranty contract closely to see what it actually contains. For instance, in some cases, the used car warranty will have bumper to bumper coverage. Which means, even if the car has problems with electric locks and windows, it’s normally covered by the warranty that the owner has purchased. Therefore, people do not have to pay the repair bills out of their own pockets.

Power Train

The owner of the used vehicle may decide to purchase a Power train warranty instead of bumper to bumper coverage. With this warranty, people can protect things like the engine and the transmission. So, they can request these major parts to be replaced using the finances of the warranty company instead of out pocket.