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a man working at home on a laptopNowadays with the global recession affecting millions of people around the world, many people are looking into other ways of making money and one very good way to do that is by becoming a ClickBank affiliate.

With the need for a greater degree of income for most people, the internet has become an increasingly popular way for people to make money.

it is very impressive to hear about how large an affiliate income can potentially be through effectively marketing ClickBank products however, there is a learning curve with this and a person will need to spend some time discovering how to making money affiliate marketing.

How To Get Started As a ClickBank Affiliate

The first thing a person needs to do when wanting to build an affiliate income is of course to open a ClickBank or similar account and familiarize themselves with the website and it’s terminology.

Basically, ClickBank is an online marketplace for digital information products. It’s main aim is to connect the people who make the products known as Vendors, with affiliate marketers who spend their time promoting products in return for a rather substantial commission of the products sold, typically between 50-75% of each sale.

When you have opened your account you will notice on the top right of the page is a tab marked ‘marketplace’. From here you will be able to view the marketplace and search ClickBanks vast online product selection, generally in the form of ebooks, video courses and software.

Choosing The Right ClickBank Products To Build Your Affiliate income

Something that any ClickBank affiliate needs to be aware of on the ClickBank marketplace is a scoring system unique to this platform called ‘Gravity’. This is a value that is unique to ClickBank and represents how many people are not only marketing but also making money from a particular product.

The gravity value of any given product can be anything from 0 to 300 or more. At the time of writing, the top gravity product on the ClickBank marketplace is currently a product called ‘The Fat Loss Factor’ with a gravity of 336.82.

Generally it is not advisable to go for products which have really high gravity unless you know what you are doing as there will a lot of competition with it.

Conversely, you wouldn’t generally also go for a product with a gravity that is too low if you are new to this as it may mean that the product is not very marketable, but not always, it could also be that it is a new product.

Regardless, for people just getting started and learning how to make money in this way it would be far wiser to go for a product somewhere in the region of 20-80 Gravity. This will mean that there is actually a sufficient demand for the product but not too high competition.

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The best way to find a good product is to go to the advanced search tab (see pic below), type the niche you want to search in, perhaps internet marketing, weight loss, fitness etc…

And then in the keyword field type the niche in which you are searching, ie weight loss, choose the category and sub category.

Then, in the ‘Stats’ section tick the box which says ‘show items with gravity’, select ‘higher than’ and enter 20 as a value.

Sometimes it is good to search for products higher than 50 depending on which niche you are searching in, but this is a good place to start. For new ClickBank affiliates ignore the other values in the ‘Stats’ section for now, keep it simple. See below…

Personally to save time, my choice is to use a fantastic free plugin for Firefox called CBSurge (ClickBank Surge). once you have done the search as shown above, CBSurge shows me exactly which products are marketable and which are not.

This is extremely important otherwise if you unwittingly select a product that is unmarketable then you could be wasting your time from the start.

From these two pictures you can see that the person using CBSurge can instantly see if the product is marketable or not. If the ClickBank affiliate were then to click on the green ‘Marketable’ button, a drop down menu will appear with loads of stats including, the Alexa ranking, if the product has an opt-in form, an exit pop up, an embeded video, a direct link to Google Keyword tool, it will show you the difficulty ranking of the main keyword of the product.

More importantly, it will show you gravity graphs for one week, one month, three months, six months and one year so you can see how overall it has been performing and see whether the products saleability still maintains an upward trend!

once you have selected your ClickBank product click on ‘promote’ button next to the product and the following box will appear, you can add a tracker if you wish;

Click ‘create’ and the following box will appear which is your hop link. you can see that my tracker, in this case ‘weight loss’ appears at the end on the link;

if you are just promoting this hop link only then it would be wise to either disguise it with a cloaked link or buy a domain name form GoDaddy and point it to your hop link.

However, that being said, the best ways to promote affiliate products and make money affiliate marketing is by building a list and marketing products to your list or by blogging.

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