ClickBank Tips – Making The Most Of Clickbank

a person writing business tipsClickBank is a great company to get involved with when it comes to making money online.

However, it can take a bit of trial and error and a lot of patience in the beginning so it is very helpful to get started with some ClickBank tips.

These tips will help you get started in the right direction so you can start making money with this great platform as soon as possible.

Top ClickBank Tips

ClickBank Tips #1: Use Internet Marketing Forums

It is important to create a presence by offering good advice and help to other marketers by getting involved in some of the discussions, answering questions and providing your experiences.

All this will help you to build up credibility and you will soon start to make friends on the forum.

Above all do not spam on the forums at all as this is a sure way to lose your credibility and run the risk of getting kicked out. You can however utilize the signature with your your links. Use a cloaked link or other domain name and do not post hop links directly.

ClickBank Tips #2: Use Your Email Signature

Similar to the forums, also make sure you use your links in your email signatures too so people receiving emails for you can also be directed to either your blog, landing page or any specific product you may wish to promote.

ClickBank Tips #3: Keep Up With The Latest Trends

By doing a bit of homework, keeping up with the news and talking to other internet users you can keep abreast of the latest ideas and products that are coming out. Being sure of what products are hot at the time will really pay off big time when it comes to choosing products on the ClickBank marketplace.

ClickBank Tips #4: Track Your Campaigns

Use a tracker at the end of your links so you will know where they are coming from. This way you will be able to see which campaigns are really working well for you and change or drop the ones that are not performing well.

ClickBank Tips #5: Create A Landing Page And Build A List

Also known as a squeeze page, a landing page is really fundamental to your business. It is basically a one page website offering a free gift such as an ebook in exchange for the persons email address.

The most important thing in internet marketing and the most effective way to promote ClickBank products is by building a list and marketing your products to that list.

a woman building her website on her laptop

ClickBank Tips #6: Create A Blog

Besides being a great way to bring consistent targeted traffic to your landing page each day, a blog is also a great way to promote ClickBank products either in your side bar as ad banners or within your posts themselves.

You can either review a product in a post which can be a great way to go or you can have the odd link here and there within your post providing it is relevant to what you are talking about.

ClickBank Tips #7: Make Use Of Free Information And Software

There are many ebooks you can find for free, many of which will be promoted as a free gift on peoples landing pages. Grab them as they are often full of gold nugget information.

There is also free software out there for you to use that can greatly help with your business success like the Free Software CB Surge, which helps you find the most marketable products on the ClickBank marketplace.

ClickBank Tips #8: Create a Facebook Page

Create a Facebook like page for your business and start connecting with your friends and like-minded people. When someone likes your page and then you do a post, all the contacts in that persons friends list will see your post through their Facebook home page which is pretty cool!

I find Facebook is a great way to share my blog posts and YouTube videos that may be promoting a product or sending people to my landing page.

ClickBank Tips #9: Use Twitter

ClickBank Tips – Using TwitterTwitter is also very useful for sharing your blog posts, videos and promoting products. It is very important here again not to spam or Twitter will shut you down and you will also run the risk or ruining your reputation.

The best way to use Twitter it to accumilate like minded followers and start tweeting useful info, inspirational quotes, relevant jokes, etc and then sometimes tweet your blog posts, videos and your landing page.

ClickBank Tips #10: Bear In Mind Recurring Commissions

When looking at the ClickBank marketplace, also bear in mind the products that offer a recurring commission as this will mean you will continue to get a payment from that same customer each and every month they remain a customer so it is a great way to build up your residual income.

ClickBank Tips #11: Learn From Experience And Adapt

Be hungry for knowledge, learn from others as much as you can and always learn from your own mistakes. The forums are a great place to learn from people and most marketers are usually more than happy to lend a helping hand.

To your online success! I hope you find these ClickBank tips useful and enjoy putting them to good use!

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